How to promote Your business through Instagram

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Instagram Can be a magic spell for promoting business. You can grow your brand related customer very easily through Instagram marketing. The Best way to promote Your business through Instagram.


Many business leaders are getting the exact path to promote product among 700 million active users of Instagram.Even most of them got success who ran campaign appropriately.


51% User of Instagram visit the site daily. And they are super engaged.To grow brand awareness or introduce new product you can choose Instagram platform without any doubt.If you don’t want to sell directly to a customer, means for e-commerce branding you must have to give priority in Instagram marketing.Because it’s an authentic and friendly way of digital marketing.


So, Start branding in Instagram without any hesitation. Just follow some Simple step to start a business with Instagram.

# At first make Business account on Instagram. If you don’t know how to create a business account, let me clear :
You can see the content of Instagram from the desktop. But You can’t upload photo or video.Means Instagram doesn’t have a desktop version. So download Instagram Apps from Apple app store or Google play

How to promote Your business through Instagram.


Then open the apps, there you will find two option.

First, one is log in with Facebook and the second one is Signup with email or phone number. Since you are making a business profile,

Choice “Signup with Business email”. In next step, you have to put your personal details. But You can use a trick, Use your business name So that people can find you easily.


Then you have to choose a user name.It could anything, You can Change it later.
In this step, You have to set up profile photo. Be careful about profile photo.It will represent your business. Use HD clear Image.You can also use a logo.

Promote Your business through Instagram

Update Instagram Bio: In bio section, Describe your business within maximum 150 Character. No need to use a hashtag or any keyword in a bio.Becuase It is not searchable. Don’t use long website link in bio.Try to keep it short and simple. Make the long URL with Google Shortener or others link shortener.


How to promote Your business through Instagram


Finally Set your profile securely from the setting option. Manage your story setting who can see your post.
Don’t forget Switch to Business Profile, Instagram has a feature which allows a user to target perfect audience for Branding.Then log in your Facebook Connect with your Facebook fan page.


After completing all step, Your account will be ready for posting.

Always keep in mind content is king.So make awesome content which will attract your customer.Never post fake information, It will decrease customer trust level about your brand.
What kind of post should You post?
Make a variation (Mixed content video, image or story) in a regular post. It will help to increase audience engagement.


Image: Most of Instagram post has Image. So it is very important what kind of Photo You are posting.Use a variety of photo of a brand. Don’t use an unwanted object in your photo.Just focus on your product. A customer always looking for an original image of a product.So if you use real shots of your original photo it will be boom!

How to promote Your business through Instagram

Anothers thing is, Use exact size of photo. Instagram always recommend squar size photo which is 1080px X 1080px .But You sholud upload maximum size (2048px X 2048px) allowed by instagram.


Video: Video posts also Important for branding. Make some promotional videos of your brand. Video content is becoming popular day by day.You can easily describe your product or brand in a short video. Be professional to making a video, don’t make so called shit video.If you can’t make yourself, hire a professional video man and editor.
Article: Write various type content for your Instagram business account. Sometimes writing about a product feature, sometimes write about lifestyle and Also post some educational. If you post three content in a day, You should post at least one educational or others post.You can also post some motivational post.


Some Important tips for posting :


  • Use HashTag. More HashTags

  • Select Good caption for photo posting.

  • Be live with your product from Instagram live option.

  • Always Analyze your competitor.

  • And Finally, Try to create Brand value.


All are okay but where you get an audience? Without an audience, your post will be valueless. If you don’t know how to grow Instagram follower, You can Buy Instagram follower from

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